The B & B "Al Mobile Antico" is created within a house of the late '600s.

It consists of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor, kitchen and living room on the ground floor and of a beautiful tavern in the basement.


The first bedroom is exposed to the north and from it you can see the entire Alpine arc and the beautiful hills of the Monferrato. It is equipped with an antique hand-painted iron bed, a Liberty-style chest of drawers, a large wardrobe and a sofa bed that allows up to four people to sleep there.

The second bedroom is exposed to the south and from its terrace one can admire the hills of the Monferrato and the village of Camerano Casasco with its Baroque church tower dating from the eighteenth century. It is furnished throughout with cherry wood furniture and a practical '800s puff transforms the room into a 3-bed one.


The bathroom is very large and has a bath with shower, washing machine and a large wardrobe in Umberto I style in which there is the linen, the hairdryer and iron.


The kitchen is fully available to the guests within the same and there is a breakfast peninsula for 3 people.

Il soggiorno è adiacente alla cucina. E' arredato con mobili in stile Barocco e il tavolo consente di servire la colazione a 6 persone. Vi è un comodo divano affiancato da una capiente libreria per rilassarsi leggendo un bel libro o guardando la TV ad uso comune (la TV è presente in tutte le camere).

La taverna è ricavata nella cantina dell'abitazione stessa, è composta da tre tavoli per 4 persone ciascuno e parecchi con oggetti della vita contadina ne fanno da cornice, inoltre c'è un particolare piano bar ricavato in una veccia botte per il vino. Si presta perfettamente come saletta congressi o per una simpatica cena con gli amici.

The living room is adjacent to the kitchen. It is furnished with Baroque style furniture and the table allows you to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for up to 6 people. There is a comfortable sofa flanked by a large library to relax by reading a good book or watching TV (a TV is present in every room).

The tavern, located in the basement of the house, consists of three tables for 4 people each, and several objects of country life adorn the walls. There is also a particular bar located in an old wine cask. Ot lends itself perfectly to be used as a meeting room or for a nice dinner with friends.


Finally in the courtyard there is an additional bedroom with 3 beds, with private bath. Furnished in Art Nouveau style, it comprises a double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and a puff bed.

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